The New Guy

Developers have been leading the charge to code new functionality in the app. Due date is next Monday. Too bad we have not tried to do a build with all the new stuff yet. Sounded like a job to hand off. So it got assigned to the new guy.

New guy did not make much noise. So I figured he was able to do the build successfully. Luckily our team leader kept checking in with new guy. Seems more like the new guy kept quiet because nothing was working.

Our team lead got fed up and started to worry that the build would not fixed in time. So he sent me in to help out. First problem was missing custom build instructions for a Pro*C file. Second problem was missing include directory options. Final problem was harder. But in the end we found a developer was removing files from the source code repository that the build expected.

Nobody expects a new guy to step up and figure out tough problems on his own. But we do expect you to dig in and do the hard research. More importantly, you need to speak up when you need help. Otherwise we think everything is OK and find out the truth too late.