Software Business

I like to read articles about software development. Mostly I choose what is popular on reddit. A recent link brought me to a WTF post that had a whopping 171 comments. So I knew I had to read this story.

Apparently a novice programmer got a job as a technician in a PC repair shop. In his down time, he coded up a customer work order system. This replaced a piece of garbage system that cost the owner $1500.

Then this novice programmer wrote a Computer Cleaner application from scratch. The app was done in time to market for the Xmas season. Preorders alone brought in $50k of revenue. Altogether the work this novice programmer did increased revenues from $20k to $350k in one year.

Turns out the not-so-novice programmer asked for a raise from his paltry $22k a year. In the end he got fired. I consider that a good thing. If this guy could rocket revenues up to $350k a year, he needs to start his own software business. That way he can pocket the big earnings for himself.