We have a number of applications in our suite. And for the most part, each app has its own installation program. These installations were developed and continue to be maintained using Installshield Professional version 5.5.

Our installs do not do anything out of the ordinary. They unpack some DLLs and register them. Set up some keys in the Windows registry. Put some icons on the desktop and add links to the Start menu.

We have been doing fine with our original version of Installshield for so long that I did not even know that Installshield the company was bought out my Macrovision way back in 2004. This might be a testimony to how well this package does its job.

I have heard about some installation/scripting packages from Microsoft. Perhaps it may be time to look at them further if we ever get around to moving our apps to dot Net. But since we have a good size base of around 600 users, and plan to get a whole lot more next year, there is a management desire to go to the web. System administrators don't want to worry about pushing our apps out to the desktop when they can just update one web server.