Who is Phil Haack?

<-- Do you know this guy?

I like reading the latest posts of programmers links. A recent link brought me to a page about managing complexity. The page was apparently written by a dude named Phil Haack. But this was only his handle, not his real name. He claimed to be a senior project manager at Microsoft.

The more I read this guy's web page, the more I doubted he really worked for Microsoft. I mean the page was littered with Google ads. And he had a gmail e-mail address. LOL! What Redmond manager worth his salt supports Google publicly. The guy posted his resume and surprise: Microsoft was not listed on it.

I believe in doing due diligence. Since this Phil Haack peaked my interest, I decided to dig a little deeper. Then I found the info that cleared things up. "Phil" only recently got a job offer from Microsoft. He was going to be a Microsoft senior project manager at Microsoft.

It will be fun to see whether this Haacker changes his public image after joining The Borg.