Battle and War

Today my manager pitched a solution to my scheduling problem. He said we could add the new task after my current task is complete. There were a few loose ends that I needed clarified.

My team lead wanted me to work on a different task after my current task ends. We negotiated that I could get help on this second task, so that I could still work the new task.

Things will still be tight. But I think I can manage. I asked my team lead for a little more leniency. However he said we all need to pitch in more time. The downer is that this needs to continue for a few more months.

I am a salaried guy. There is no extra pay when I work extra hours. Occasional overtime is acceptable. But it is not right if this extends forever. There must be other opportunities where you don't have to kill yourself at work. I won this one battle, at a high cost. The war on work is far from over though.