Non Trademark Battle

Phil Bewig has a blog called Programming Praxis. To tell the truth, I had not heard of it until today. He had previously tried to work with Alex Papadimoulis of The Daily WTF. However the deal fell through. Phil's beef was that The Daily WTF continued to use his blog name after negotiations failed. Phil ended up sending a cease and desist letter to Alex.

At first I thought this was a big site (The Daily WTF) trying to muscle out the little guy which is Phil. However this is a little more tricky on the legal side. Phil does not have a trademark on his blog name. So legally he does not seem to have much leverage. Regardless it is no fun when a big company takes your name and uses it successfully.

I deliberated on whom to side with in this case. The deciding factor was when Alex conceded and decided to stop using the blog name in The Daily WTF. Good move Alex. And for that good move, whatever the motivation, I will give Alex some link love. Phil just gets a mention in passing. I think he might have just had his 15 minutes of fame.