Me and the guys scheduled a meeting with another contracting team. We had to lay down the common design for the new stuff both our teams shall be implementing. We decided to meet at our customer's big facility. The customer has a lot of rooms. But there is minimal parking. I was worried that I would not get there in time for a parking place. Luckily there must be a lot of people on summer vacation. I got a parking spot even though it was late.

I called up a coworker when I got to the place. Somebody needs to sign us in. You don't get badges unless the customer facility is your regular workplace. I got lucky, and the guy I called was just coming in. All of us got to the meeting room in time, except for the new guy. I gave him a few minutes. When he did not show, I started the meeting without him. The show must go on. It was a productive meeting. We discussed a lot of scenarios that I had not thought about previously. We planned a tentative action on how to handle all those scenarios. Then we negotiated the details of the database changes to accommodate the new features.

Later I found out that the new guy got stuck in traffic. They closed down the road he tried to use to drive in. As a result, he was very late. By the time he got to the customer site, there was nobody available to sign him in. He proceeded to return to our company's office. Not a good sign. We got to get this new guy some more contacts in the customer facility.