Training Scam

An old friend of mine had been doing contract programming work this past year. However he lost his job as part of some downsizing. He is collecting unemployment. There was some sort of opportunity for the unemployment office to fund some retraining. My buddy wanted to learn web programming. That sounded like a good plan.

A local company won the bid to train my buddy. They had a great plan on paper to team my friend Dreamweaver and deep Flash animation. My buddy said the unemployment office spend a few thousand on this training. There was just one problem. This training was a scam. My friend got some second rate training material. But there was nobody to instruct him who knew anything. Perhaps this firm was preying on people who did not know HTML from their ABC's.

My buddy did not have a personal beef with the owner of the "training firm". He just wanted his training dollars to go toward some real training. He tried to work with his unemployment office to blow the whistle on this scam. However they were busy covering their own behinds. Nice. If it were not so evil, I would advise my buddy to join the scammers. He actually has got in good with some of the employees of the scamming organization. However that road leads nowhere good. I could only wish him the best at getting another development job. Maybe then he can get his new company to sponsor some real training. Until then, keep an eye out for training scammers. Go with firms that have been recommended by people you know.