Busy at Work

Today I got in and the two developers I was working with were engaged in design. That was good. Gave me some time to check my email and voice mail. Oh oh. Some tester said he was having problems with my code. So I called him up.

The tester read some requirements and came up with a test plan. That is a good start. However he did not understand how the system worked. Not good at all. He got confused and decided the software must not be working. I spent a good amount of time setting him straight. That prevented some bugs.

Later I had a slew of meetings. One such meeting was important. Had to meet with a developer from another company to talk about how our software would interface. The tester from the morning the got confused again. I did not have the time to hold his hand, so I had to blow him off. Now I have a bunch of defects I have to answer.

Then late in the afternoon a new developer cornered me. He knew I was going on vacation soon. The guy was not up to the task of doing some design. He had a lot of questions. I told him I could only give him a couple pointers. He wanted much more. I told him to dig into the code and reverse engineer the source to figure out what was going on. Even that eluded him. He asked what that meant. I walked him through one example. Then I think he got it. I tried to escape from this crazy work day, but people were running after me telling me not to leave. Insanity.