The Empty Guarantee

Today I received an e-mail requesting that I leave a block of time open in my schedule for an interview. Apparently this was to determine whether I would be placed in a position with another project. This seemed very strange since I had already interviewed with the project, done well, and received a memo from Human Resources stating that I was going to be reassigned.

So without delay I called up the person who sent me the e-mail. She was familiar with the previous interviews. But she stated firmly that I did not have a job with her project. The prior interview and transfer letter was null and void. I thanked her for the information.

Next thing I did was call up Human Resources. Left them a message. Have not heard back from them. So I called my project manager. He has a cell phone and tells us all to call him when anything comes up. I spoke with him and told him about the disturbing conversation I had. He then went to speak with the project manager on the project where I was supposed to have had a job. It seems that they got a smaller budget for the next release of their software. So they are reevaluating what developers they can pick up.

Great. So now I have to go back and interview with the project again. But this whole scenario is very unsettling. In the past, senior management made promises that they would find us all jobs when our current contract ran out. I guess those promises were only as good as the budget they could arrange for future contracts. This is after all a business. Now my mind is racing back and forth, thinking about how I may have very well been conned. Perhaps the smart employees are the ones that have already bolted. We shall see how this pans out.