Team Morale

Our company lost the contract for the applications we maintain for the customer. As expected a number of developers have jumped ship to work for the new contractor. This is expected. In fact, I joined our company when my previous employer lost their contract for the application suite.

The new contractor had scheduled some meetings for us to transition the information to the new maintenance team. I had one such meeting last week which was scheduled for 3 hours. In the middle of the meeting I got interrupted twice. Apparently there was an emergency all hands meeting for our project. I had to cut my transition meeting short.

The project manager and the company director above him called the emergency meeting. They wanted to reaffirm that they would try to place all our developers on other projects in our building. I guess a lot of people had been getting nervous. This is all understandable.

The company director remarked, "I am out of here". He had slipped that he himself was leaving the business area for a new opportunity. This alarmed me. Instead of reaffirming me, I now started to have my doubts. Why couldn't they just hire the Purrfect Angelz to keep our morale up like the did for the boys in Iraq (see picture above)?

P.S. I later found out that the company director has since changed his mind, and instead of switching to another project in our company, he is joining the company that has won the maintenance contract. Rumors are flying wildly.