Software Changes

I spent most of my day training the new team that will take over the maintenance of our software. The new team was especially interested in the new features we had added in the last year. We have been very busy this year. So the change list was long.

Luckily I had conducted a Customer Technical Review with the end user of our applications. So I grabbed my 20 page overview of the application changes. I went through this presentation with the new developers. It was well received.

Next I reviewed the most recent big changes that we did for our customer. These were last minute high priority requests that our customer made. I described each of the changes and how they impacted out applications. In addition, I pointed out some of the weaker parts of the design and requirements. These guys need to support the system now.

By the end of the day I had to get back to my normal work. So I escorted the new developers out of the building. When I got back to my desk, our client's headquarters had called and e-mailed me asking about some of the details of the recent software changes. I quickly scanned the new code to make sure I had my story straight. Unfortunately what I found out is that the customer wants some different business rules to be implemented. I spoke to our Project Coordinator to see how we would respond to any requests for this change in our last days on the project. The Coordinator told me that the customer had to submit a formal change request, and the new contractor would have to do it. Good luck to them. They will most definitely need it.