Project Coordinator Duties

We have a member on our team that was hired as a team lead. He seemed to have a background in project management. So this should have been a snap. Some other developers thought that this lead was a bit weak in the technical skills department. I withheld my judgement.

As our contract started winding down, this team lead got promoted to project coordinator. I guess he had been constantly talking about his past experience as a project manager. So our project manager added some duties to his responsibilities.

The funny thing is that this lead (now coordinator) started to feel some pain with the new duties. The coordinator has to stay on top of the status for all the trouble tickets. And the coordinator needs to keep tabs on what the dwindling staff was doing. Finally the coordinator took over cost estimation for new tasks.

Hey. I guess when you talk the talk, you need to be able to walk the walk. Here on my project I have always said that I only want to be a programmer. I don't strive to get the architect title. I run away from team leadership. Definitely refuse to become management. This attitude is not always successful. Currently I have been drafted into a team lead position. But that is mainly due to my skills, and not because anybody thought I actually wanted this role. It feels like I am rambling. So I will leave you with a thought: Be careful what you aspire to become in the development world. You wishes may come true and haunt you.