Telephone Problems

I place and receive a lot of business phone calls at work. Two weeks ago I was on a teleconference call. The host of the call hung up, and the call hosed my phone. It just displayed the last number dialed on the screen. I could not get a dial tone.

So I called up the Help Desk. They patched me through to Nortel since they service our phone system. A trouble ticket was created for me. Then I went on vacation. I got back to the office a week and a half later. My phone was still broken.

I called Nortel up directly. Apparently they tried to fix my phone, then left me a "voice message" stating that they were done. Only one problem. They did not fix my phone. This time around, some guy came out and manually reset my line in the telco closet. And to ensure there were no further problems, he gave me another phone. He said this was not really necessary. But due to the circumstances he wanted to make sure I was good to go.

Everything seemed back to normal until I received my first new call on the working phone. Apparently the ringer volume was set up to max. I jumped out of my chair when I heard it. What kind of company sets the default ringer volume to loudest? And a few tests and scrolling through the menu options on the phone, I think I am back to normal. Sheesh. Come on Nortel. Keep my phone up and running.