Code Collaborator

I have previously reviewed SmartBear Software's Code Reviewer. There were some issues with the browser based user interface I used in that tool. A guy from SmartBear recommended that I use their client tool instead. It was supposed to be easier to do the code review tasks I was attempting. Therefore I installed the Code Collaborator Client.

When I launched the application after install, I was a bit underwhelmed. The browser code review tool was a huge web page that was very busy. The client tool was a dialog with a list control in it. I could not find any place to start a code review. The buttons seemed to only apply to interaction with source code control systems.

Now I was doing my tests on my home computer where I don't have source code control set up. But I am a sucker for pain. So I searched the source code control systems that Code Collaborator worked with. There were a few free ones listed like CVS, Perforce, and Subversion. I had heard good things about Subversion before. So I tried to Google it. All I came up with were customer clients for Subversion. I did not want that. Then I went to the next free choice. That was Perforce. I will give you more details about that experience in a future blog entry. And I will details how the source code control worked with Code Collaborator.