Previously I had written about how I kept getting pulled off my new development task for all kinds of emergencies. The end result was that the software release is late. Very late. My team lead called me up and said the customer and upper management are not happy with the lateness.

Today I got a request to go to headquarters to discuss the state of the the current and future software release. Normally I just answer any such summons from the big managers. However my team lead had told me to not work on anything other than getting this done. I called him up immediately.

My team lead said he would go personally talk to the big boss. He later called me up, saying that the big dog required my presence. I would have to call him up to explain why I could not report to headquarters and get my work done at the same time. Well I guess we are going to lose this battle. I did leave a voice mail for the big boss. We will see if he calls me back.

Here is the reality. When I get to go to my office and write code, we make progress. We don't make progress if I do anything else. Hey. Things could be worse. I was once on this death march of a project where we spent about 4 hours a day in status meetings with the customer. That was every single day, seven days a week. But that is a story for another time.