Job Perks

I have been hearing or reading about a lot of great perks that developers get. My own company is decent with the extras they provide employees. However check out some of what the good life offers at other companies:

Some people get free parking. I guess that would be good if you worked in a big city. Others get access to a gym or a paid outside gym membership. These sound like standard fare.

Others get all kinds of free drinks at work. That ranges from coffee or tea to soda or even beer. The top end guys get free Starbucks. Some companies provide you with a free phone and paid wireless service. That is a blessing and a curse. I bet they expect you to answer the phone after hours for work emergencies.

Here is something I normally don't associate with software companies. Some people say they get cable TV with all the premium channels. Who has time for TV at work? A number of the Joel on Software followers report that they are given Aeron chairs to sit on.

Although there are some rare locations that provide free food, some places provide a subsidized meal plan. That sounds good to me. I have heard about the great computer hardware available to some geeks. This includes everything from dual processor systems to large dual displays. Nice.

Some companies provide a private office for each person. This is even better if the office comes with a great view. To take it a step further, other companies allow you to work from home. Personally I don't think that's a great idea. But that's just me.

Here is the ultimate perk. It sounds almost like something only vice presidents get. One dude got an American Express card and was free to buy whatever he wanted, including trips to places. I want to share some of the great things my company provides me. But that will have to wait for another post.