New Guy Troubles

Last week our new developer got a laptop from the company. Unfortunately we do all our development on laptops owned by our customer. However obtaining one of those is a lengthy ordeal. We need the new guy designing software now. So I figured he could mock up some new screens in Visual Studio.

Once the new guy got the laptop, I sent him to the keep of the Visual Studio 2005 CDs. We have a license for the whole team. Unfortunately the install kept bombing on the poor dude. The install asked for disk 1. He had the first CD ROM in his computer. Must be a corrupted CD.

I had the guy try to install the fewest options. That did not work. Then I sent him to Microsoft to download an express version of Visual Studio. Too bad those versions did not have resource editors. This was a senior guy. So he figured something out. It almost got to the point where I was going to go home to get my personal copy of Visual Studio to loan to him. However like I said, he got something working on his machine. Now he is knocking out prototype screens like crazy. We are back on track.