Crazy Comments

I am trying to fix some problems in one of the newer applications in our suite. This code is difficult to maintain. I have to give the original coders some credit though. These guys have some of the funniest comments in the source code ever. At times I feel like they are in a confessional, and are telling me their coding sins by way of comments.

Here is just a sampling of some of the commenting gems I have found in one of the components:

//To blink or not to blink, that is the question

// We are rushing and I am hacking.
// Short term gain, long term pain

// so, you see, my inability to create a better design
// is not just a limitation, it is a security feature.

// We kind of hacked this together
// without a lot of forethought
// ok, I hacked it together (anon)

You can't make stuff up like this. I am often laughing out loud as I come across these ramblings in the code. Now I wonder where all those young programmers are now that initially made these comments. Good luck boys of the Case application.