Pattern Mania

I needed to code some changes in one of our newer applications. After tracing the code, I found all the logic in a stored procedure. This was good news because I am an Oracle certified developer. I knocked the changes out in about an hour.

The problem came during my testing. The new application would not display the new data. Here is the thing about this application. It was written by a bunch of young programmers that had just developed design patterns. I don't have anything against design patterns per se. However these guys have patterns to manage their patterns, if you know what I mean.

I could not figure out how to get this application to display the data. This is unusual for me. I pride myself on being a top notch maintenance programmer. Normally I can go into anybody's code, and figure out how to modify the application. These guys have a lot of code that throws me off. There is much code that does not really do anything. And the pattern craziness just makes things more abstracted. I decided to give myself the weekend to regroup and tackle the problem next week.