Little Bit of Perforce

I am in the middle of testing out a code review client from SmartBear Software. Apparently it requires a source code control system. One of the free ones it supports is Subversion, which I have hear a lot about. However I found that I needed to register and create an account to download Subversion. No thanks. Instead I chose to test out Perforce.

Perforce is a client server source code management system. There are a number of client programs that are available with Perforce. One is P4V, which is a visual client. Another is P4Win, which is a Windows client. What? Are those two the same thing. I really could not figure it out by reading up on it. Maybe P4Win is an older version?

I installed the Perforce "server components". Now I am assuming that means I got the Perforce server. It gets registered to a port, and the clients need to connect to the name Perforce assigns to that port. Then I download and install P4V (the visual client). The darn install requires a reboot of my machine before I use it. Now I am ready to give this code review client a spin. Let's see if the integration with my source code control makes it any easier than the browser based tool I previously examined from SmartBear.