Desktop Environment

I have been working on a high priority problem for the customer. The behavior is strange. The software just does not work on some workstation. It generates an unknown exception. My boss told me to look into the version of Microsoft Office.

We use Office to run the reports. Everybody has Office 2003. I drilled down to the DLL from Office that we use. Everybody has the exact same version. But some people's stuff works, others does not.

After a while the customer got frustrated. Luckily they wanted us to stop researching this problem. They have other teams that manage the configuration of all workstations. Now I am only going to assist the workstation folks to figure out the delta between the workstations.

We got to have a stable workstation. Our documentation lists the required software and versions that we expect be configured on the workstation. It is tough when the customer manages the workstations. That means there is a variable outside of our control. But I guess that is life.