Happy Camper

It is Friday afternoon, and I am loving life. Sure it is nice that the weekend is upon us. However I am smiling for a different reason. I got assigned to a high priority problem. No. That alone is not cause for joy. However the fix involves some interesting logic. And I get to code the whole thing myself.

I started with an empty text file. Well I actually started with a small template. But it had no functionality in it. Then I started coding away at the requirements. Yes. I actually had documented requirements. I wrote them. Spoke to the customer. Got assigned to document what I heard. Now I can code to spec.

Here I am, writing nice tight routines. They call subroutines. And guess what? I get to code the subroutines as well. There is actually enough time in the schedule to get all the work done. There is time to adequately test the functionality. I think they got a sense of the complexity when I spoke to the customer about their requirements. I kept going through significant scenarios until I understood what they wanted. There are a lot of combinations, and therefore many scenarios. Those will all be turned into unit test cases.

I just like writing code. It is nice if it is new development. It also helps that the customer desperately needs this code to be correct for them to do their jobs. People are counting on me to deliver. I actually have a reasonable schedule to do my work. You bet I am happy. This is such an unusual situation for most software maintenance work. So I am here on a Friday afternoon. I am writing code and not looking at the clock. Why go anywhere else when I am having so much fun?