Tools to the Rescue

I got assigned to work on this high priority problem for the customer. Could not replicate the problem in development. So I decided to steal some data from the production environment. I used a SQL tool to generate scripts from the data. However when I tried to run the scripts, they bombed out.

Turns out I need to massage the scripts before they will run in a development environment. This was a painful task for just a couple records. To replicate the problem, I need to get a couple hundred records into our development database. That would take forever. Then it hit me. It was time to get productive and have fun at the same time. I was going to roll my own custom tool.

This was some good times. I love writing small useful tools. So I did some rapid application development. At first I thought I would code these up in Java to help with my Java education. But I needed to be quick. So I decided to use C++ programming. The first couple things I needed to do could be knocked out in a couple hours. The rest were a little more tricky. Therefore I have decided to put the changes I need in database triggers.