Duped by Customer

Last week I worked on this high priority customer problem. There was a lot of excitement over it. I was required to dial into a lot of conference calls to discuss the problem. In the end I proposed some fixes. The customer chose one and I implemented it.

After this monster problem, I was ready to call it a week. My team leader and my boss told me another problem came it. I let them know it would have to wait until this week. A developer can only take so many emergencies in one week.

I talked to the customer who submitter the problem. They gave me a bunch of information. Then I went off to the races to try to duplicate the problem. I could not make the problem happen. Then I inspected the problem data. Something was not right. The problem was not as the submitter described. I called some other customers and found that the information I got at the beginning was not accurate. I should have listened to Fox Mulder of the X-Files. Trust no one.

Now I am back to square one. This time I am a bit smarter. I am questioning every fact that somebody gives me. I am also not too worried about fixing this problem ASAP. The customer led me astray.