Getting a Job

So you want to be a computer programmer. How do you go about doing this? The job market right now is tough. You got to stand out somehow. I just read this blog entry on how one guy successfully got hired.

You need to have a goal of becoming a great programmer. Go to college. However don't have a goal to get good grades. Get good skills instead. Make sure you do go to college. It can be a community college. But don't cop out and go to some institute like Devry. You will end up doing documentation or help desk work.

Here is another surprising misconception. Your major does not matter that much. Choose a technical degree. But it does not have to be computer science or computer engineering. Do join user groups and attend conferences. Get your social media on. When you apply for jobs, have a personalized cover letter. It would also help to customize the resume to address the job requirements as well. Good luck