More Build Woes

Our team is about to release a new version of our system to the customer. Another developer is leading that effort. He found the latest version of our code had a lot of bugs. Not sure how it got this way. But the developer went in and fixed them. He then wanted another developer to go in and verify that his changes work.

Here is the problem. Nobody on the development team seems capable of building the whole system. That's a big problem. I know some of the people are newer. But come on people. I was not ready to help because I had been assigned a high priority problem the production users are encountering.

My team lead gave me a call. He said he tried to help verify the code changes. But he too could not build. Criminal. The he was "out of the office sick" today. Figure. He asked me to step in and assist. I told him I would need a reprieve from my current task. When he gave me the go ahead, I jumped on the verification.

This is when I saw what the pain was about. One of our apps refused to build. Our C: drives are out of space. So developers build from the D: drive now. But this one app was not having it. I modified the environment to build from D:. Then I ran into additional problems. I hacked through that. The next two apps were easy to build. The hard part was writing a custom script that would set up the Windows registry for these apps to run. Something is just not right here. I was able to do the verification, but there should not be this much pain. Time to solve this problem.