Avoiding the Axe

I got an official memo today stating that I would be picked up by another project after my current one ends. This is good news. Makes my life simpler. I have been working on my current project for a long time. Heck. I even joined my company because they won the contract for this project.

For a while I considered joining the company that has now won the contract for my project. However discussions with that company have remained fruitless. Like most other companies, they balked at my salary requirements. This is OK. Due to the nature of my project at work, I think the new company is in for some serious pain.

My experience is in sharp contrast to a contractor buddy of mine. He took an extended vacation at Christmas time. When he got back to work, he got notice that his contract was ending immediately. Part of the reason is that he wants to remain a contractor (and get paid the big $$$). I imagine they would have a position for him if he was willing to join as a full time employee. But given that he did not want to, his job has been terminated. Lucky for my friend his skills are in high demand. He starts a new job tomorrow. The downside is that he has to move to the state where the job is. This is the life of a contractor.

There are a few benefits to being a full time employee of the company. It appears they will be taking care of me when my project's contract ends. Did not even have to take a pay cut. And I get to keep the toys my company has provided me. I will keep you posted on how the new project goes.