Work Takes Its Toll

I have not taken a vacation in a while. But a number of people on my team have. And when a team mate is out and the software breaks down, I get the call. This is my job. However it takes a toll when you do it day after day without any breaks.

The way I have been dealing with this is sleeping in each day. Luckily I have a nice flexible schedule at work. I actually get a lot more done when I come in and stay late. It is normally just me and the cleaning lady after 6:00PM.

Last week even coming in late did not cure the pain. So by the end of the week I decided it was time to take it easy. Called in sick a couple days. This is much harder than it sounds. Normally I have lots of meetings scheduled, and am working on all kinds of tasks that need day-to-day attention. I am hoping the rest will have recharged me by next week. If not, it might be time for that well deserved vacation.