Which Bug to Fix First

We just delivered our initial software release for the year. This is the busy seson for our customer. And when they are busy, they always tend to discover bugs in our code. A lot of problem reports are coming in. I am the guy who has been on the project the longest. So a lot of these bugs come to me for fixing. The challenging part is that other developer can fix the obvious problems. I tend to get the ones that are hard to debug.

So I had a stack of trouble ticket on my desk. The users assign priorities to these tickets based on some general guidelines. It is easy to pick the problem to work on first. I just take the one with the highest priority. However now I have worked my way down to a bunch that have the same priority. What is a guy to do?

I try to work a couple problems at a time. That way I can multitask and get more done. When I need to wait on one ticket, I can jump to another and keep productive. But there are other factors involved. Users tend to make more noise for the problems that impact them the most. This feedback makes its way to me. I also try to gauge which fixes would give the users more bang for their buck. Those I fix first. The funny thing is that I actually do get to decide what to work on.

Now since I have a lot of bugs to squash, it is time to get back to them.