The Need for Review

We have a process at work where all documentation goes through peer review. I was going to release a bug fix to our internal test team. I noticed another developer was planning to do the same. So I waited until he was done to bundle our changes in the same delivery.

My coworker finally finished his task. So I created a build to give to internal test. The documentation that accompanied the build did not get done until late. Luckily there was just one other developer on the team left at work.

Unfortunately the other developer was busy resolving customer problems. He had already worked a long day and was not done. He told me he would sign off on my documentation, trusting I had done a good job. Now don't get me wrong. I always proofread all my docs to make sure I produce the highest quality possible. However peer review often finds problems in my work. I was tired too. But to keep things moving I let this pass.

It is a difficult line to walk. You want to follow the process because it is there to ensure high quality. However there are times you need to bend the rules to get things done and be able to go home (or do more work). Where should we draw the line?