Punish the Tricksters

In my down time, I like to read programming articles on Reddit. One post caught my eye. It read "Torvalds: ‘there is no open source community’ ". This headline seemed to be an oxymoron. So I went to read the article.

Turns out it was an interview with Linus Torvalds. However Linus said there is no one open source community. What a cheap ploy for a Reddit title. Hey. But it got me to come and read. After first I thought I would leave a comment on the blog saying thanks for the trick. But I then decided I would not even give this author credit by adding a comment. Note that I did not link to the bait and switch article.

So I did what any responsible Reddit user would do. I signed up for Reddit (finally). And I voted down the link by one. If enough people do this, the article will float down to oblivion where it belongs. I don't mind a sensational title to drum up some interest. Just don't try to trick me. It will only hurt you in the end.

P.S. The link took me to a blog. I tried finding out more by clicking the About link. Got a File Not Found (404 Error). It figures a site using weak tactics like this would be broke down.