Process Overhead

So we have the code for a fix to release. It is a long road of processes before this fix can be experienced by the customer. Some of this process is to ensure a high quality result. But the end result usually means delays in pushing out even the highest of priority fixes.

The code changes have to be checked into source control. Then we need to do a build for internal test. This build needs to go through configuration manangement. The internal testers verify the fix. Then we do a build for customer release. This build then goes through 2 levels of configuration management - our internal one and the customer one. Finally the fix can be staged for implementation on a customer machine.

The real pain comes when we have done the hard work to figure out how to fix a problem, but the problem is high priority. In that case we get lots of attention and need to provide constant status updates. But most of the time he factors delaying release are beyond development control.