Schedule Surprise

Yesterday I got assigned a trouble ticket from our client's acceptance test organization. The customer requested an estimated delivery date for the fix. Somebody informed them it would be done within 1 week. So I figured I had a little time to get the fix done.

Being the take charge type of guy that I am, and knowing that I am going to be busy during the upcoming week, I knocked out a fix in one day. I pushed to get the fix peer reviewed. Then I sent the fix to our own internal test team for verification.

Today I got a big surprise when I got in. Apparently the customer said that 1 week was way too long for them to get the fix. So the Project Manager said we would give it to them in 1 day instead. I am to blame for part of this problem. I come in late usually so I can stay late and get things done. So I guess the PM came to my desk, found I wasn't here, and decided I could meet whatever schedule was dictated.

Luckily I had not slacked off, even when given an initial slack schedule for release. So today I just checked with our testers whether the fix was good. And I scheduled a release to our customer. However I think I had better manage every one's expectations. We got lucky on this one because I could duplicate the problem and was able to code a fix quickly. This is not the norm for trouble ticket resolution.