Access Denied

I made some code changes and tried to build our application. Got a lot of strange compile errors. Figured this must be due to the fact that the code is in a state of flux. So I thought I should refresh my local copy of the code with the latest baseline code.
The first step was to blow away all the code on my local machine. Tried to use Windows Explorer to delete the whole folder. Keep getting an error that access was denied. So I closed all of my Windows applications and tried again. Still no luck. Access denied.
I figured that some process must have had a lock on a file in the code folder. So I fired up Windows Task Manager. To my surprise I saw a lot of strange process names which were running under my login ID. Here are some of the process names: ccApp.exe, ctfmon.exe, direct.exe, lcfep.exe, MDM.EXE, wowexec.exe, PAPIHost.exe, rwmts60.exe, VPTray.exe, hkcmd.exe, and igfxtray.exe.
Of all these processes, I only knew that "rwmts60.exe" was my Oracle Reports Server that I always launch on login. So I killed all the rest of the processes and still could not delete my code folder. It was time to get hard core. So I proceeded to kill "explorer.exe". That hosed the Windows user interface. Luckily Task Manager let me start up another instance of explorer. Finally I could delete the code folder. Go figure.