Development Planning

At today's dev team meeting I inquired about plans to release different versions of our software. The scheduled due dates were not quite clear to me. And it was also not clear which functionality was going to be released in which builds.

Normally I am quite concerned about the development release schedule. But I am just a developer on my project. If I do not know what the plan is, chances are nobody else does either.

Sometimes it is a developer's job to bring such mysteries to the surface and force resolution of the problem. I ended up in our project manager's office. We got the due dates for the different pieces we need to deliver. We got the mechanism on how each pieces was going to be delivered.

I went back to my desk and started scheduling the builds to get the software delivered to the interested parties. Things are very easy when your developers know the plan. It also helps if there is a plan, and as associated schedule. Otherwise, you will have pandemonium.