WinDiff Saves

I am running late this morning. And we had the company holiday party today too. So I did not go into work first, but proceeded straight to the holiday party. Nice food. But I did not win any prizes.

When I got to the office I had a voice mail from the boss. Turns out our customer needs a new build by tomorrow. And I am supposed to do the build. The problem is that this build needs all the new stuff that got put in. And the guy that put it in was out sick today.

So I called up the guy and he told me that the WinDiff utility could show me the files I needed to include. I knew the folder where configuration management keeps the source files they have so far. I used WinDiff to compare that directory with our development directory.

It did take some work. But I quickly identified the files I think constitute the "new stuff". This would have taken forever if I did not have WinDiff. That's a real life saver. They are doing the official build for the customer right now. I got my fingers crossed.