Test Saves the Day

After a number of problems getting our FTP Server accessible, I turned our internal company test team loose on our software. Earlier I had provided details on all the software changes that were made.

I got a call from a tester about some strange behavior. This did not sound right. Unfortunately I was busy waiting for another call. So the tester volunteered to come to my desk to show me.

The first problem was simple. Although the software appeared to disable some fields at the wrong type, this was operator error. The tester was not carefully selecting the right choices in a drop down.

The second problem was more serious. The software would not behave the way I described in my change notes. I verified that it was not working right. Still had to stay by my phone. So I called over another developer whose code I had included in the build. Assigned them the task to track down what was wrong.

Here is the crazy answer. The confiruation management team ran our scripts to do a build. This resulted in a new executable that looked fine. Even had a new version number built into it. However the build failed, and the build process just took the components from a previous build and packaged them up into a new install program.

Shame shame. The real kicker is that our team rewrote the build scripts. This did not use to happen with the old evil Korn shell built scripts. Luckily we have a diligent test team. Note to development: Fix your build scripts.