Revenge of the Build

We are trying to release new builds of all applications for the new year. For some reason they let the build guy take a vacation. And now we are falling behind schedule.

Some of our problems are expected. We just branched out in Clearcase for our baseline code. This version of code does not have any new features that are scheduled for a later release. Every time we branch out there are some build pains. It is problematic now because we did the branch right before the big release time.

I had a feeling things were falling apart when I kept getting calls from the configuration management guys. They seemed to keep getting confused about which branch they should be getting the code from. I tried to help out as best as I could. But CM is supposed to dictate this to me, not the other way around.

A number of other delays are due to improper setup. If you are a developer, and you need to do a build, you cannot wait until the day of the build to try it for the first timer. I can guarantee that it is not going to work. For now I am sitting back. If I swoop in and solve all the problems, it will only encourage future problems and more work for me. You have to feel some pain before you can help prevent pain.