Build Problems Redux

So it was late on a Thursday night. I got the call from the CM team. Their build did not work. Turns out they did not pick up 10 files that I had labelled in Clearcase.

At least the CM Team knew what was wrong. I did not label the directories in Clearcase. You need to do this if you add new files to the directory. I knew this. But I did not know there were new files involved. I set up the build on behalf of another developer that was out sick.

Luckily I had just learned about WinDiff earlier in the day. I compared the CM branch with the development branch in Clearcase. Located all the directories that had new files. Applied a label and let the CM team do a rebuild.

The normal process is for application development to peer review the result of the CM build. I did some review and corrected a number of problem. But since I initiated this release, I could not peer review my own work. The problem was that at 8PM there were no developer left. So I put out a memo to the development team, pretty much saying that the first one in the next day had to do the peer review.

I have a good feeling we are going to make our delivery date. The cost? Me and the CM team had to stay at work until 8PM. Lucky for me I work the late shift normally anyway.