DNS Problems

I needed to send out a software update. Got the files checked. Had the CM Team do a build. Thought I was ahead of schedule.

Our test team called up and said they could not access the FTP server where our installs are located. Sure enough. I could not access it either. First line of defense was to call our company's Help Desk.

The company Help Desk asked me a number of questions. They stated the FTP server was hosted on a customer machine. So I needed to call the customer help desk.

I am working to get my release out the door. So I call the customer's help desk. They want to make sure it is not my company's problem. I told them I just got off the phone with the company help desk. To be certain, the customer's help desk conferences in my company help desk. Everyone agrees the customer troubleshooting team should work this problem.

We have 50 people on our team. I told them this was affecting all 50 people. The trouble ticket got assigned the higest priority. That's when the real fun began, I started to get a lot of calls at my desk phone. When a trouble ticket of the higest priority is opened, all kinds of heat is applied. I should know. Sometimes the trouble is with our software.

By the end of the day I am back in touch with my company's help desk. Apparently somebody in the networks division decided to rename the domain name for our FTP Server. I wanted to track down the perpetrator and give them the beat down. Unfortunately I had my hands full with other software releases that now had instructions to use the wrong domain name to download the software. Nice.