Password Mania

We have a couple changes that modify our system password policies to meet client requirements. One would think this is no big deal. The challenge is that we turned the code over to our Tiger Test Team.

I guess the testers never paid much attention to password change functionality. Well they are now. And they are finding all kinds of strange behavior. My guidance to them is to make sure they can replicate any problems. Then throw them over to development to resolve.

Our overall end goal is to (1) make sure we meet the client's requirements, and (2) ensure that error messages to the user are informative and useful. This is no small feat. It does not help that previously any error would result in the big dialog box that listed all the rules. I consider that poor.

I could go on about this subject. But right now I got a new trouble ticket based on a remote scenario. If your password expires, and my app forces you to change your password, but you type in your old password incorrectly, you get an unusual error message.